Marina Place Condominiums
Dillon, Colorado

Comingling Recyclables

Materials that are acceptable and not acceptable for comingled recycling.

Issue of Concern
from the
Architectural Committee

It was brought to the Board of Manager’s attention that a unit owner had attempted to install a new light fixture and thermostat in his unit, with less than stellar results. Due to improper installation the wiring within the walls fused together creating a dangerous fire hazard.

Presently the rule governing this situation (Rules and Regulations, Section X, Architectural Review, paragraph 'A') reads as follows:

An Owner shall not make structural modifications or alterations to its Unit or installations located therein without prior written approval of the Architectural review Committee of the Board of Managers.

Because the replacement of a light fixture and thermostat are installations located within a unit, approval by the Architectural committee is required. The Architectural committee must keep the safety of residents and the protection of unit owners asset paramount in its decisions, so a licensed electrician will be required for any low voltage or high voltage installations at Marina Place.

Any resident found in violation of the rule will face fines as articulated under, Assessment of Penalties, Section III.